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PWP2 07 Group Picture

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Like the rest of the week, Friday was filled with practical lectures, challenging assignments, and definitely a lot of fun. We headed down to the inspiring Old City Park, to put into practice everything we had learned about portraits, flashes, and lighting. The directions were to get four different portrait shots, each one demonstrating concepts learned this week, and our small group had fun juggling reflectors and coming up with crazy setups to get the lighting just right.

Later on, back at the Dallas Ministry Center, we gathered for more instruction and then speed shoots, definitely one of my favorite types of assignments. For the first timed speed shoot that day, our key word was “shine,” and it was interesting to see the different creative interpretations other students came up with and which images made the meaning of shine most clear to viewers. On another speed shoot, we practiced a special style of dramatic lighting for portraits called Rembrandt lighting. We had thirty minutes to take the portrait and edit it using Photoshop Elements. I am planning to go home and practice doing a lot of speed shoots, because nobody really wants to sit around for two hours while the photographer tinkers around trying to take a picture. Speed shoots were challenging, but the pressure of a time limit helped us learn to think and work faster and more efficiently.

This course has been excellent, both with the thorough, practical teaching on photography and the wonderful example of the instructors’ enthusiasm for using their cameras and their lives to serve the Lord.

—PWP2 Student Meg Gupta

Friday dawned a new day—our last day at Prizewinning Photography II. For our group devotions, I really enjoyed singing a a couple songs and finishing up our video series on leadership. We learned about the five oppositions that leaders face and how leaders should graciously handle criticism. We were encouraged to respond to criticism in such a way as to defend the vision that God has given to us.

After devotions, Mandy taught a class on how to effectively do some fabulous color correction using Adobe Photoshop Elements. It’s quite amazing how we can doctor our photos up, so that they look better—though hopefully they’ll look fairly good before doing Photoshop. 😉

Our speed photo shoot for the day was to snap a picture of something shiny. It was interesting to see what different people’s interpretation of “shiny” was!

In the afternoon, we had a portrait photo shoot. After we students finished our assignments, we got to watch the four instructors take portraits of each other, using a couple reflectors and a few speed lights for fill-flash. That was fun to observe!

At the end of the day, Rowan gave us our certificate of completion for PWP2 and gave a closing thought. We were challenged to ask ourselves—How were we going to use our photography? What is our purpose in taking pictures? May we not be disobedient to the vision that God gave to each one of us! May all who come after us find us faithful!

Before ending our day, we had a little “ice-cream social” and signed each others certificates. Goodbyes were made and some people even took pictures of their friends and themselves with the “evil green box” mode (shh, don’t tell!) and we ended PWP2 with many memories that will be sure to last our lifetime!

—PWP2 Student Leah Cross

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

We started of the day with Rowan leading us in a time of worship, and listening to another session on leadership, and how to be a peacemaker in times of conflict. After that, Rowan taught us some neat tricks to editing our pictures in Photoshop Elements…that just do wonders at making our work look professional. A whole new world has been opened to us.

We all decided to have a nice lunch outside. It was a beautiful day, but also nice and windy. We had quite a few laughs as people’s lunches were spewed across the gazebo. Katie picked things up in the afternoon and led us through studio portraits and lighting. We learned a whole new idea with Rembrandt lighting that had us all on our toes, but with amazing results at the end of the day.

We then used the editing techniques that Rowan taught us earlier in the day to apply to our in-studio shots we had taken for a ‘mock’ client. We were all pretty tired by the end of the day…but learned so many new things that it was So worth it. Before we went to bed, Katie shared a story with us and a part of her testimony that was especially touching. Thank you Katie for your love and heart for us!

—PWP2 Student Angela Morse

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On this wonderful cloudy Wednesday morning, we headed out to the Dallas Arboretum to capture senior portraits for our daily assignment. Several IPS alumni graciously volunteered their time to let us practice all the posing techniques we had learned the day before. Each of us was paired with a classmate and we were given a few minutes to find a location to shoot our pictures. It was great to get to meet the alumni and see where God had taken them since the past classes.

Several hours later we headed back to the Dallas Ministry Center for lunch and begin repeating the steps for our digital workflow on our computers. A couple of the previous students came and talked about a project they had been working on in Portland, OR about the street people. Their ministry, Revolutionary Media, run by Christina Dickson, had documented the people and their stories. We watched a short video that they had all put together. It was really neat to see how God had taken those who had committed their talents in the media area to Him and He used them to bring glory to Himself.

The stormy evening was brought to a close with a coffee bar and an open forum. Several went out to photograph the lighting sparking outside, while others surrounded Katie as she told about her trip the Israel.

In all, my time with IPS has been wonderful and I have grown so much not only in my technical skills but closer to God. I am so thankful that I have been able to participate in these classes.

—PWP2 Student Katie Jeffery


As I groggily got out of bed, I realized that this would be the day that we’d get to shoot “senior” portraits. The day before we had learned how to pose people and practiced on our assistants at Old City Park, but today we’d actually get to practice on real people that came just to get their picture taken.

After eating breakfast; we sang, had a devotional by Rowan, and then headed out to the Dallas Arboretum. We were paired with a fellow student and then sent off to take amazing portraits at the spots we picked. Upon completion of the assignment all the students were told to do a speed shoot. That’s where we had to take 5 pictures about photography that tells a story.

Since it was lunch time, after that, we headed back to the training center to uploaded our photos, did our work flow and then sat back to listen to some people from the Revolution who told us about the amazing opporturnities that God gave them, through taking pictures of the homeless in Portland Oregon.

In the evening we got to hang out with the instructors. A few of us, including myself, went out with Rowan and got some sweet shots of spider lighting from the huge storm brewing outside. The night ended with excellent story from Rowan about the “Gray Island” and how we ourselves live on a gray island but when we view others from God’s perspective we can see them in color and how He sees them.

—PWP2 Student Gabrielle Cole

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Head Contest Winner

By Peter Ort


Head Runner Up

By Seth Haley


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