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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today is Wednesday, our third full day of Prizewinning Photography. We have learned so many different things about photography in the last few days, and there is still much to learn! It would be impossible for anyone not to have been influenced by the contagious joy of our instructors, by their passion for photography, and their love for God. I personally can’t wait for the day when I will be an “unconsciously competent” photographer!

This morning, written on the front of a card from my sister was the following poem:

  And So God Speaks

  Have you stood entranced by the dazzling sight
  Of a perfect rose, bathed in morning light,
  And felt that only an artist rare
  Could paint the loveliness growing there?

  And then, dear friend, did your heart whisper low
  That this fragrant rose with it’s heavenly glow
  Was part of God’s handiwork, part of His plan
  To speak through the beauty of nature to man?

I thought about what we laerned about photography being the art of communicating visually. God has filled this world with beautiful and amazing things which “speak” to us about the Creator. God truly is the Master of visual communication.

This evening Christina asked us what made us different from any other photographer? Her answer for that question was that we are Christian photographers. If we ask God for His perspective and get over ourselves, God will use our pictures to allow people to see things He wants them to see. What a blessing, that God would use me as a photographer to change the way another person sees life!

This week we have been learning how to use the cameras which we hold in our hands as powerful tools for communicating, and today I was reminded that I can only be useful if I am in the hands of the All-Powerful Creator and Lord of this Universe for Him to do with whatever He chooses.

—Prizewinning Photography Student Chenoa Casamayor

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day

By Sarah Danaher


Runner Up

Picture of the Day Runner Up

By Nicole Cromer


Contest Winner

Blue Contest Winner

By Caleb Martin


Contest Winner

Lonely Contest Winner

By Esther Weaver

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday started quietly. We gathered in the classroom, excited about the day’s potential and a little anxious about our instructor’s high expectations. Will Thornton kicked off the day on a spiritual note with a reading from Psalm 23 and a personal testimony of God’s provision, protection and direction, even in desperate circumstances. It was an encouraging start to a challenging day.

Our instructors are amazing. Not only do they know all the nitty-gritty technical details, but they all have a passion for photography as an art, as a way to communicate details about God’s creation in profound ways. They are brilliant, funny, patient, engaging and above all, demanding. They expect us to be giving 110% during photo shoots and are definitely not complacent when critiqueing our work. The end result is that we, the students, are being driven towards photographic excellence.

But IPS is so much more than just gaining technical proficiency. Its about learning to rely on God for inspiration, learning to know God intimately, learning to love God simply and passionately. Mostly, IPS is about learning to live a Christ-exalting, God-centered life. As we pursue God with zeal, our passion and joy will emerge in our photographs. Photography, just like everything else, must be founded on a relationship with the God who supplies everything for us. Our instructors model this simple love for God and the passionate joy that flows from it. They are all great photographers because they are purposefully trying to document God’s work and communicate God’s truth. It gives us a high standard to live for!

Today was challenging. The photo shoot had an intimidating list of assignments—and this time, we knew that we were going to be harshly critiqued at the end of the day. The classes were full of new ideas, difficult concepts, and abstract technicalities. And yet God provided for our needs. God brought people and light into our photographs. God provided understanding and patience in learning new concepts. God was good to us today.

—Prizewinning Photography Student Sam Kordik

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Contest Winner

Brick Contest Winner

By Celia Anderson


Contest Winner

Curves Contest Winner

By Esther Weaver


Contest Winner

Grand Contest Winner

By Betty May

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Life is too short to live without an all-consuming passion for God. Do I have that passion? What am I passionate about? What am I willing to die for?

I’m willing to take personal risk to deepen my knowledge of God. Am I willing to risk so that others can deepen their knowledge of Him? What would my life and current circumstances look like if lived with reckless abandon and purposeful passion for God?

Coming to Prizewinning Photography, I knew that I was attending much more than a simple course on photography. I knew the week would be intense on many levels, both personally and photographically. I knew the instructors would challenge my perspectives and my spiritual walk. But I didn’t expect to finish the first day with so many questions.

Yes, the technical instruction is absolutely amazing. The first day we covered everything from parts of a camera and cleaning basics to composition and lighting. But woven through it all was the challenge to confront the fear and pride inside of me and pursue the amazing, God-centered purpose I am called to live.

It is remembering that God is a God of love. How does He view the person I see through my lens? It should change my view of this person. It should change how I capture the image of this person.

It is remembering that God is enough to supply all that I need. This changes my interaction with the other students, my use of my camera, and my view of myself.

During our first photo shoot on Monday afternoon, I met a man who works a part time job sweeping sidewalks and cleaning up the trash around dumpsters so that he has time to watch TV every night. His face lit up as he mentioned the new seasons of shows and speculated as to whether or not they would last. When I asked him to smile for a picture, his face changed to a sad half-smile half-grimace contortion. His all-consuming passion is television, but his life is empty.

What is my all-consuming passion? What is my God-centered purpose? What does that look like applied to my personal life?

Photography is all about communicating a message. It’s about seeing God through the lens and communicating Him to my audience. I look forward to more questions and more challenges to evaluate my life, my walk, and my view of photography. I look forward to seeing God more clearly through my lens.

—Prizewinning Photography Student Sarah Danaher

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