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Monday, October 1, 2007

What do you expect to take back from this week? “A greater appreciation for photography” was my answer. Wait, is it a greater appreciation for photography or a greater appreciation for looking at God’s creation through photography? That is what IPS is. It isn’t just a course on how to take good pictures or to get people bowled away with the amazing pictures I’ve taken but how to use my camera as a medium to amplify God’s creation.

Our first day was an introduction to the basics of our camera and primary photographic principles. The depth of the material covered was amazing. With Rowan having covered so much on the first day, many of us were wondering how we’d remember and apply everything we’ve learned at the end of the week. At the photo shoot, I found myself standing in one position for almost a minute, trying to apply all the principles I’ve learnt to the picture I was about to take. “If you take that long to take a picture, it might end up empty by the time you take it” was the instructor’s response. There is just so much to learn and apply. This reminded me of the creativity of our God. He never had to stand in one corner and debate on how He’d place this line there and that line here, or blend this with that or how to fill our world with His creation. What we capture in our camera is but a fraction of what He has set before us.

It has been very enjoyable seeing what’s around with a whole new perspective through our cameras. Definitely looking forward to more of what is to offer in the course of the week.

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