Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This morning after breakfast, Will led us in an inspiring wisdom search about passion, and how to use to it conquer apathy. It’s so encouraging to see his all-consuming passion for God shining through him as he pursues photography. After that, the portraiture students filed out and to their outdoor portrait shoot. Meanwhile, we learned about layers, channels, and selection tools in Photoshop, from our nifty instructor Peter.

Since I took Prizewinning Photography last year, it had been awhile since I had pictures graded. With a pounding head and lots of tension, Peter and Mandy graded our assignment images from the previous night. But through the tension, we learned a lot, and had a bit of fun too. 😉

Mandy then taught us some amazing awesome spiffy techniques for portrait retouching. That was so awesome! We were all amazed that people could actually get paid for having this much fun. We broke early from class for some relaxation and fellowship downstairs. The coffee, cookies, and Rowan’s spiffy guitar playing is what we were all there for though.

God has really blessed all our instructors with wisdom beyond their years. I thank God for the vision he has given them, and the time they give to teach us the things they have learned. About photography, and more importantly, pursuing Christ. Thank you!

—Pixel This Student Andrew Smith

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