Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The first day of Pixel This, we started looking at several of the different tools Photoshop has to offer for editing images. This program is amazing! We began by looking at the different ways to scan prints onto the hard drive. As a cool little side tip, we learned that there are some unique things to scan for creative ideas such as texture—it doesn’t just have to be a piece of paper.

The next step after scanning prints onto the hard drive is taking care of dust & scratches by using a filter and the Cloning Stamp. After “cleaning the image,” we went into color correcting the prints, which involves three different steps, using Levels with the Histogram, Curves, & Hue & Saturation to give a more natural tone (especially skin tones). We had some time to practice what we learned with certain images the instructors, Peter Pallock and Mandy Novotny, gave us. Even though it was a long day editing with what we had learned, it was worth it all. I’m enjoying learning how to improve my images to use for God’s glory.

—Pixel This Student Jamey Cartrite

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