Monday, October 17, 2005

Most of the students this week—including me—attended Prizewinning Photography the week before, so we can skip the introduction stage (we can actually call somebody by name instead of just, “Hey, you!”). There are some new students who didn’t attend last week and we are having great fun getting to know them.

Around 9 A.M. all the students split up into our specific classes—I’m attending Pixel This—and we headed into a full day.

Technical camera and computer stuff can get boring really fast, but the Pixel This instructors, Peter Pallock and Mandy Novotny, did a great job keeping things interesting and helped us when we had problems.

My favorite part of the day was when we went to the local Farmer’s Market to shoot pictures for the class. It was great not to have a photo limit like I had the previous week at Prizewinning Photography. This time I got to shoot all I wanted.

After dinner Mandy gave us Photoshop 101. Boy, computer programs are amazing! What a full day—and tomorrow will be here before I know it!

—Pixel This Student Danielle Gruenwald

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