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Monday, September 15, 2003

We started the morning off with a wisdom search lead by our gracious leader Karen Chen, On King Hezekiah and how he sought God’s kingdom in every aspect of his life. Then we were off to the ferry terminal and after a little waiting we were on our way to Picton from Wellington. The ferry ride was so beautiful, as we went through sweeping landscapes that seemed to just run right into the ocean! When we came ashore to our birth in Picton, I think that we were all ready to get out of the wind and get our feet on solid ground again.

We were on our way to our next photographic foray, Kaikoura, which is an absolutely incredible city with a little bit of everything, from palm trees to rugged snow covered peaks, grassy hills, and awesome sandy beaches, all with in an eyeshot from a single standing position!

“Hit the road Jack”
Yep we are on our way to historic Christchurch, that seems like the whole city is a musuem. We arrived at our second hostel, and another comfy non-scaring place to stay! We went for supper across the street to Le CafÈ, and I must admit I was a little scared, and I suppose you could say a little wimpy, as there were all kinds of interesting stuff on seemingly normal meals. Like Jalapeno peppers on your caesar salad!

That night Rowan and I went to Christ’s College for some night shots I will say that it was kinda creepy but yet quite intriguing, “I love Christchurh” and “I want to move to New Zealand” are things that seemed to be resounding in the whole group! Off to bed as we are getting up for a sunrise shoot looking over Christchurch and the south pacific!

–IPS Student David Schaus, from Salmon Arm BC, Canada

P.S. Anyone who knows me I am never coming home. “I Love it here”.

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Sunday, September 14, 2003



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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Well, the only way to get to New Zealand is by a long plane trip. And a long plane trip we had. We flew into Auckland as the sun began to rise, displaying some beautiful colors. The first IPS PhotoEx trip to New Zealand is off with a great start!

The team consists of ten girls and two guys: Amber Peterson, Laura DeMasie, Molly Aiken, Lauren Policastro, Naomi Stein, Elisa Walklin, Jeanette Sung, Aimee Reed, Becky Rees, and David Schaus–led by Rowan Gillson and Karen Chen.

Upon arriving in New Zealand after an estimated two day travel, the team disembarked into Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, weary, stiff and tired. However, the whole day awaited them and there was no sleep until the evening. It was quickly apparent that we were in a different country. The cars were equipped with steering wheels on the right side instead of the left. Then to top it all off, they drove on the wrong side too!

Our schedule, we soon learned, would not be one of rest and relaxation. Not only would we be doing a lot of traveling but also taking a lot of pictures of God’s beautiful creation. Some challenging and life stretching devotions have also been planned into the schedule. It is exciting to see what God has in store for us these two weeks.

Wellington greeted us with winds that would put Chicago to shame! Not only was it strong but quite chilly. After arriving at the first hostel we would be staying at to unload our luggage, we headed to the grocery store to pick up our lunch for the day. New Zealand’s grocery store has separate lanes for Americans! While Rowan, David and Janette ran the extra luggage to an ATI family in the area, the rest of the team explored the Te Papa Museum. Once the team joined up again, we were off to Mount Victoria for our first photo shoot! The park had a wonderful forest with looming trees and winding paths. Further up the road was Mount Victoria’s highest point which also was the highest point in Wellington. This provided wonderful city and ocean pictures.

After the photo shoot, we arrived back at the hostel to eat dinner and have IPS orientation. Discussing plans, answering questions, and getting our devotions assignment over pizza proved to be a growing and bonding time for our team. God definitely has some amazing things planned for this team here in New Zealand!

–Aimee Reed, from Oak Brook, Illinois

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