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Friday, November 1, 2002

It was a dark and stormy… day? Yes, that’s how today, our final day of this Prizewinning Photography course dawned. The clouds soon parted as, much to our students delight, Peter Pallock lit up the stage with his witty monologue and keen insight into the digital world. However, this was followed with a darkening of the skies as the questions of the final exam rained thick and fast. This was not to last, for the sun soon broke through with cheers and hugs when the passing marks were received.

Arming ourselves with coats, umbrellas, and Starbucks® coffee, we embarked on our final photographic crusade of the week. For this adventure each group of students was paired up with an instructor to challenge their creativity and provide immediate assistance in difficult shooting situations. Downtown Fort Worth and the historic stockyards provided the venue for this conclusive event.

Back at the training center we held an awards ceremony as we presented each student with certificates proclaiming their newly acquired skills. The week was then brought to a dramatic conclusion with the presentation of a final slide show, one containing over 200 of the most outstanding images taken this week. Prizewinning photography? Without a doubt.

–Rowan Gillson, Director IPS

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